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Oregon .... Wow!

Am still managing to maintain the 24 mpg average as long as I keep the tach at 2000 – 2200 rpm. Once it starts to climb to 3000, the mpg takes a drastic plunge.

I am still trying to avoid interstates for this reason. It is difficult to keep the tach below 2200 rpm. On the smaller roads, there are those pullouts every half mile or so. I use them a lot, but not too often on uphill climbs. Those usually have passing lanes. More so than the roads in AR and MO that I am used to traveling.

So far, I am having a great time seeing this magnificent country. It is so very much worth fighting to keep unsullied by overexposure to civilization. So much here is as pristine as it was when the first Europeans tranversed it on foot in search of furs, gold, good black dirt, or whatever dreams they went in search of.

We absolutely have got to relearn how to live with Mother Earth, instead of against her.

The Cascades are just as awesome as the Rocky Mountains, The Tetons, Black Hills, and all the other mountain ranges I have crossed, are all just too lovely for words.

Not sure what it is about mountains, but they seem to call my name. And when I hear their siren song, I must answer. I am very lucky indeed to be in a position where I can answer the call. It will be very hard to return to the midwest after experiencing life in the Pacific North West.

There is something magical about the lure of the mountain song. Sitting here, in the quiet of the early evening, I hear the whisper of the breeze playing with the leaves above me, singing of mysterious secrets known only to the winds. I smell the mustiness of the carpet of long fallen leaves, and the scents of new ones on the branches. The Wind's song is accompanied by calls of various birds, and insects, and by the liquid ripple of the river beside my tent.

I wish everyone could hear and respond to this blessed song.

Did I mention, they pump your gas for you here?    Must help keep the state unemployment numbers low.   When I was a teenager, this was on of the most available jobs for teenagers.

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Thursday, 22 March 2018
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