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New Zealand and Why

Some years ago, I started looking for places in the world where the Elves might live. 

After lots of research, I narrowed it down to 3 possibilities. One, the Pyrenees Mountains on the border between Spain and France, around Rhydcymerau in Wales, and in lots of places in New Zealand. These three places are some of the most beautiful in the world.  I know there are lots of places just as lovely, but to me, these are places most likely to hold Rivendale, Gondolin, Menegroth, and of course Dunedin, which in New Zealand is Dunedin (Coincidence? I think not).  And, as I believe wholeheartedly in signs, one day last fall, when I had just returned from the fist adventure into my new life, an ad for Air New Zealand popped up on my Facebook page, offering a really reasonable fare to New Zealand.

Having never seen an ad for this particular airline before, I took it as a sign, this is where I was supposed to start looking.....So, New Zealand it will be.

I'm flying out of Little Rock to LAX, where I will catch a 777-300 jumbo jet for a 14 hour ride to Kiwi land. There are a couple of things about the fight there and back, that just gives me the tingles. Although the outbound flight encompasses 36 hours, it only last 14! And the return flight actually makes time go backwards  I will board the plane in Auckland at 7:30 pm, and land at LAX at 11:30 am the same and day. Although I understand the scientific, and realistic facts making this seem like a SciFi phenomena, it still fascinates my inner nerd.

My itinerary includes a 2 week tour around South Island, where I will be looking for signs of Elrod's kin, taking lots of pictures, and sampling the fare of their taverns and inns. 

I'll return the camper van, then catch a flight out of Christchurch to Auckland, for 2 days.  

While in Auckland, I will catch a bus to Hobbit Town, and have lunch at the Green Dragon Inn. 

I'll be sure to post a ton of pictures, and let y'all know what I'm doing, and hopefully, encourage one or two of you to go adventuring.......

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Thursday, 22 March 2018
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