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Little Big Horn Battlefield

Visited the Little Bighorn Battlefield the other day. Was more an experience than I expected. Quite a different feeling than when I visited Civil War Battlefields. I wasn't going to go, but it was too pretty a day to sit in camp and do camp stuff. Now I am glad I went.

My sympathies lie on the side of the Native American inhabitants whose lands were being invaded by greedy settlers. Gold had been discovered, so that negated the treaty making these lands off limits to settlers, and encroachments, not permitted by the tribes, illegal.

Of course, the Army had to be sent in to protect the gold seekers, when the tribes started fighting with the illegal immigrants. This led to the unavoidable finale to the question of Native rights to protect their borders from invasion.

So, I wasn't looking forward to the biased history of where the Army lost a battle due to miscommunication, bad intelligence, and disastrous decisions on a Glory seeking General.

The battlefield is so much larger, and spread out than I imagined it would be. Markers sit where soldiers fell, and plaques give straightforward descriptions of  what happened in this particular place.

The story is told in a surprisingly, non-partisan manner, and the facts laid out without putting either side in the wrong.

I suggest you visit this Battlefield if you ever get the chance.

It is easy to see why the Natives fought so fiercely to protect a way of life, in an area their ancestors lived.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful.

The Badlands
Hwy 191 South out of Bozeman, MT


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Thursday, 22 March 2018
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